Daeorda Strongholds

The Daeordic Strongholds

The five Strongholds are the seats of power for the five heirs to the Daeorda Kingdom. After Holgen Danniskjoldir joined Elbereth’s clan which allowed for the werewolves to claim power, Daeorda established several colonies that stretched across the entire Fryst Ocean. Having a stronghold in nearly every corner of the ocean allowed the werewolves to dominate the shipping and trading business in the north. As a result of their settlements on the coasts, nearly every werewolf is an accomplished sailor and swimmer. Generally if a werewolf is unable to sail, they are seen as weak and incompetent.

Alfeior Stronghold

Stormlands Stronghold

Vereist Stronghold

Fryst Stronghold

Sruthan Stronghold

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Daeorda Strongholds

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