Main Quest

  • Induction
  • Assignment
  • Market Disruption
  • Investigation
  • Hunting the Culprit
  • Signs of Weakening
  • Livestock Death
  • Renewing the Source
  • Attend the Meeting
  • Research!
  • Outreach
  • Establishing Ties
  • Embassies
  • Component Collection
  • Long May She Reign
  • Examine the Wards
  • Threats from Outside
  • Discovering the Vanguard
  • The Forward Party
  • Bolster the Defenses
  • Wolves at the Door
  • Terror in the Heart
  • Seals have Shattered
  • Pick your Poison
  • Breaking the Siege
  • Hunt the Hunters
  • Eclipsing the Sun
  • Delve into the Deeps
  • Learn the Origins
  • Banish the Shadows


Players have been brought into the Citadel one way or another. Given time, they may come to accept and understand the situation they have been in during their grace period.


After the grace period, players must choose who to follow and what job they perform to earn their keep.

Market Disruption

A band of thieves have been ravaging the storerooms and the stalls late at night. The guard have had trouble identifying who they are or why they are doing it. One of their band attempted a public theft with no success, immediately killed upon trying. (Use this quest to bring the party together, each elder dispatches player to the situation for various reasons. William – To assist the guard. Fara – To gather information and assess property damages. Holgen – To protect his domain. Wilhemina – To determine resources lost and tend to any personal damages. Antony – To calm the situation. Rebekah – To determine what sort of mechanical means the burglars used. Birgid – To determine what sort of magic was used. Once the party is formed, guide them towards investigating the body and storerooms.)


The body and the storerooms hold secrets that reveal the identities of the thieves. All of the signs will guide the players towards rogues that lie in the sewers.

Hunting the Culprit

Entering into the sewers, players discover hordes of rodents nearer to the entrance, but starting to die out closer to the thief headquarters. In the thief den, they discover signs of a cult worshiping some kind of demonic entity. The thief leader spouts off some nonsense about the coming evil before launching into an attack. Returning to the Citadel, players report their findings.

Main Quest

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