Kingdom of Daeorda

The Kingdom of Daeorda

The Kingdom of Daeorda is located in the northwestern section of Skuggheim around the Myrkhrid Bay. Originally, the Kingdom was led by Holgen Danniskjoldir, now the Master of the Marketplace for Queen Elbereth. Before Elbereth’s full rise to power, Holgen’s clan was one of the most powerful vampire clans in Skuggheim however once a confrontation between him and Elbereth was inevitable, he challenged her to one-on-one combat which led to his loss. Having run the Arctic Ocean trading ships, he offered his services to her in exchange for his clan’s lives. Once Holgen and his clan left Daeorda, there was a power vacuum that led to the previously largely unnoticed werewolf clans to contend for power.

Being naturally cunning, the werewolves rose to power and used their wiles to extend the territories of Daeorda into several strongholds located around the Fryst Ocean in the Stormlands, Alfeior Mountains, Vereist, Sruthan, and the Ocean itself. Due to their nature, the werewolves do not openly reveal themselves to the citizens of Daeorda instead only those in the government or military are turned and know of the lycanthropy. Several signs however make it obvious but the citizens feign ignorance, content to leave well enough alone.

Traditionally, the Queen or King has five heirs, one to rule in each additional hold until the current King or Queen dies. The next heir is not decided by age, nor by being named, instead the five heirs must contend for the throne, leaving the most cunning and shrewd to rule over Daeorda. If an heir wins the throne and some of the heirs were killed in the process, they name a steward to rule in their stead until they produce an heir and the heir comes of age. The former ruler is King Ulfur and his heirs, Jorden, Skya, Isen, Seile, and Brenn.

Daeorda Strongholds

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Kingdom of Daeorda

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