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Basic Synopsis

Set in the early modern age, a city on the edge of a forest is plagued by disappearances, murders, and situations they cannot explain. Little do they know that within that forest, deep underground, lies a giant stronghold filled with a civilization of vampires led by an ancient queen and her council of elders. The fortress of theirs is not without dangers, despite how safe it may seem. Between the city launching investigations, the other vampire orders, monsters and demons at the door, a faction of vampire hunters, and a magically sealed door, the Elbereth Clan has much to contend with.Gameplay Using the Pathfinder system, players will assume roles of fledgling vampires brought turned in the citadel. In order to start everyone at a decent level, individual sessions will be held to transition players from newly turned into members of the society and to warrant starting actual group gameplay at level 3. The level of technology is that firearms are common, but not widely used to give an idea. (I’m still trying to find more info on Pathfinder technology)

Historical background

After the Inquisition and other hunters killed off the majority of vampires, many of them went into hiding and formed clans. One clan, led by the ancient vampire Elbereth, and her trusted advisors, stumbled across an ancient underground complex with unknown origins. Once settled in, Elbereth encountered a mysterious entity who introduced himself as her new Spymaster, with no reason not to trust him/it, she made him a part of her council and the survivors they had gathered readjusted the complex to suit their needs and renamed it the Citadel. Vampires are not the only supernatural creatures in this world. There are also werewolves, shape shifters, spirits, liches, zombies, and demons. All sentient “supernaturals” have essentially formed their own communities that engage in trade and are more or less mini-nations in hiding.

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