Shadows of the Citadel

A Cavern Lost to Time

An undetermined amount of time went by and everything seemed normal.

Then another murder occurred in the Warehouse. Those called to investigate were those who had alerted the Elders to the first murder. (aka THE FUCKING PARTY). Another symbol carved in the head the party noticed that the body was lying in the same position but what was more intriguing was a spot on the floor with less dust than the surrounding area. Something had been stolen and the only way to escape was into the sewer.

Into the Sewer the party went bravely and worked their way using a note left in the victim’s hand to guide them. At the end of the tunnel they came to an opening reveling two men an alter and a pit.

There was something off about that pit but with the two men dispatched Turnapuss and James lifted the alter reveling a secret passage. Then the ceiling gave way. Turnapuss stumbled but James grabbed the lanky elf and ran to safety.

The next step was to dig…

Once that rubble was cleared the party was given permission to enter. What was seen was something like a dream. No wait, A Nightmare. The walls were covered with murals that seemed to date back thousands of years. Possibly before the Citadel had even been inhabited by the Queen and the Elders 2 Millennium ago. On the ceiling was an angel of Darkness seemingly consuming everything.

What did it mean…

The Murders Begin

It all began one day when the whole citadel was at a party which was rudely interrupted by someone dying. Our Heroes and Heroines ran to investigate the screams of the person who discovered the body.

James Raynor immediately took action and summoned the surrounding guards to contain the situation then sent the rest of the party to collect their respective elders.

The body itself was not hurt too badly only a single mark was found upon the body. A symbol that was unknown to everyone in the citadel was carved into the forehead of the victim.

Each Elder informed the Queen dismissed the guests and life continued to turn.


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