Skuggheim is the “main” continent of Talamh, located in the northern hemisphere. The continent is divided into eight territories. The Stormlands dominate the entire western quarter of the continent with the Eadrom Temples along the coast. The Alfeior Mountains make up the majority of the northern coast and extend down all the way to the Khatar Grasslands separating the Stormlands from the Dorchadas Forest in the center of the continent. In the northeastern corner of the continent, there is the Kingdom of Daeorda, built around the Myrkhrid Bay. The Ruins of Aziel are in the eastern third of the continent. After Aziel’s fall, mortal races have created several settlements in an attempt to rebuild. Stretching along the south are the Khatar Grasslands, a largely uninhabited territory separating the other territories from the Trade Coast, a collection of seven trade cities, each located on a different peninsula.


Alfeior Mountains

Kingdom of Daeorda

Daeorda Strongholds

Eadrom Temples

Dorchadas Forest

Ruins of Aziel

Khatar Grasslands

Trade Coast

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