Seventh Age

The Seventh Age

The Seventh Age is the present time in Talamh starting after 1513SIA when Elbereth definitively ended the War of the Light by using her power to break Skuggheim, destroying most of the Eadrom Temples.

1513SIA Elbereth destroys the Eadrom Temples and ends the War of the Light
1SEA Vanguard and Vampire armies retreat to recover from the end of the war
4SEA Elbereth seeks safe haven for her people in the Dorchadas Forest Citadel
6SEA Elbereth and her clan moves into the Citadel
6SEA Master of Information swears fealty to Elbereth
10SEA Wilhemina and Rebekah are risen to Council status
32SEA Daeordic Stormlands Stronghold established
207SEA Aziel begins to rebuild
522SEA Trade is reestablished between Aziel, Daeorda, and the Trade Coast
663SEA Trade is reestablished between Trade Coast and Eadrom Temples
1161SEA Ulfur requests aid from Elbereth in claiming the throne in exchange for an alliance between nations
1164SEA Elbereth backs Ulfur in his claim for the throne
1166SEA Ulfur claims the Daeordic Throne
1198SEA Jorden assumes command of the Alfeior Stronghold
1211SEA Skya assumes command of the Stormlands Stronghold
1217SEA Isen assumes command of the Vereist Stronghold
1223SEA Seile assumes command of the Fryst Stronghold
1225SEA Brenn assumes command of the Sruthan Stronghold
1230SEA Elena is promoted to Lance Captain
1238SEA First seal is broken
1240SEA Present day

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Seventh Age

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