Turnapuss Chilled

An Elf with a very cold disposition



At six feet and so odd inches he stand like a normal elf. He has silvery hair running down a little past his shoulders. His fair skin has a light blue quality that is just barely noticeable. At the corners of his blue eyes there seems to be something resembling ice jetting back his face about two inches.

His rather weak physique is hidden under his loose robes so as to not restrain his movements. His bag is usually got a book or a two in it while on his belt he carries vials of blood to sooth his and other people’s wounds.


He seems usually rather reclusive spending most of his time in the Arcane Sanctuary or in the Library. He has an interest in history and has learned many dead languages to further his pursuit of knowledge.


He has made many friends within the Citadel since his introduction 60 years prior. The first of which were a pair of Halflings Urn and Silvar. His time in the Arcane Sanctuary has yielded a couple friends and other trustworthy acquaintances. His more recent activities have awarded him with new friends most of whom live and work in the citadel peacefully while still knowing about the threat from below.


Realizing he didn’t fit in with the rest of his town growing up he left home around the age of 80 to live on the nearby mountain to continue his studies in solitude. Not realizing he was in fact living on a mountain inhabited by Vampires he was abducted some 40 years later.

After becoming familiar with the Citadel and what it had to offer he resolved to study through the ages forever seeking the answer to the reason he began his studies. All of his research was finally leading him somewhere and he would continue searching as long as it took.

Turnapuss Chilled

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