James Raynor

A warrior serving in the Citadel guard, has influence beyond his rank and reports directly to Lord William.


“Thurston, Jim-bob, Bart, Butch, you guys stay out here and guard the entrance to the warehouse. I’m going inside, apparently I have a murder to investigate and solve”

Strong as a bear, but twice as dexterous James is an imposing warrior even along Vampire standards. Human of origin he appears to be about 35 in human years but being a vampire it is hard telling how old he really is. He has dark hair cut short, and grey eyes. He carries himself with a cocky demeanor that he only slightly keep in check around Lord William and even then it seems he is always just at the boundary of his superiors patience. He carries with him two swords at all times and has shown great proficiency with them. His skill and experience has already proven himself advantageous many times to both the party and his superior Lord William. Always seemingly reluctant he follows his order, but sometimes he doesn’t always do it exactly the way his superiors wanted him to.

“They have the guard to solve problems, but they call on me to make their problems disappear ………… fast.”

James’ past is so far shrouded in mystery, he has given no hint to it to any memeber of the party, infact none of the members are even sure what purpose he serves in the guard. When asked all he says is that he does “special stuff”, what could that even mean? One thing is for sure, he must have lead an interesting life before being turned.

James Raynor

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