Jakhar Swordhand

Half Orc Blacksmith


Half Orc with green skin, White slicked back hair, Red eyes, standing at 6’ 0" 290 lbs.

War Hammer
light steel shield
Splint mail
97 splint mail
Iron Kilt
Blacksmith by trade, can do weapons and armor


Jakhar was a blacksmith apprentice before becoming a Vampire, but only because he was told that that was the only way to save his family from a band of loan Sharks and murderers in the Stormlands.. Creditors/murderers had kidnapped his family a few years before he was turned, and claimed they wanted a sword that could withstand anything. Without any money Jakhar did something he had never done before, research. He went to look for something that could create a sword that would cut anything, and withstand any magic. In all the legends he only found one thing, a sword forged in Dragons breath. He devoted the next few years to trying to find the lost dragons, and honing is skill as a blacksmith to make a sword. He then found out that his family had already been murdered, and in revenge he massacred the creditors, having built up strength as a blacksmith in training. Using the war hammer that he still carries today, he brought down the small crime circle in the stormlands, then retreated to the Dorchadas Forest area. There he began to pick up his life, gained some notoriety as a skilled apprentice to a blacksmith. While out in the forest looking for wood to use in his forge, suddenly… Black.

Jakhar Swordhand

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