The Schizophrenic Aasimar Vampire



She stands six feet and three inches tall. Her skin is pale, almost white in color, and her eyes are a brilliant topaz. Her copper-colored hair has an unnatural sheen to it, almost metallic. She has a narrow face, with a somewhat long, thin nose.

While not quite lanky, she is thin with toned muscles. She seems to prefer loose, flowing clothes if she isn’t in leather armor. Her two weapons are a long hook blade and a short sword.


She is always moving, bouncing on the balls of her feet, and between being excited and terrified. Celest has a bit of a skittish reaction to things, though they have seemed to have calmed down immensely from when she first showed up. If she has been secluded for an unknown amount of time, she seems to calm down and stop moving so much.

Recent developments have shown that, near the Seal Door, she will go silent and stand perfectly still. While she will still look around and watch, she doesn’t do much else.


Celest is pretty much glued to Turnapuss Chilled when she isn’t hiding from everyone. She trusts him more than anyone else, which has led to the two staying together when the Citadel started to warn away from traveling alone.

She has not had a chance to get to know either of the werewolves, or the blacksmith guard who have joined herself and the ice mage.


Celest claims to be from Tanith, though why she’s now here, she doesn’t seem to really know.

She was taken by Elena, the Lance Commander of the Vanguard group stationed near the Citadel, at some point, and a bond was formed between the two. It can easily be assumed from what Celest has said to the party that she was most likely physically abused for one reason or another.


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